Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Rolling Stones Magazine Publishes Article About Pork Production

Wow! A bigtime magazine addresses the issues of Pig Slaughter!
Read all about it here: Rolling Stones

Here's a snippet of the article:
"America's top pork producer churns out a sea of waste that has destroyed rivers, killed millions of fish and generated one of the largest fines in EPA history. Welcome to the dark side of the other white meat."


At Sunday, 04 March, 2007, Blogger Richard Quick, Millionaire said...

I linked to your post... but You missed the point of the article. We planted this story as a way to communicate Smithfield's dominance & profitability. Visit here to be enlightened:

or see the other related articles at richardquick.blogspot.com

See you on the veranda!


At Monday, 05 March, 2007, Blogger Raylon said...

I published this subversively hilarious comment from what has to be a parody blogger. If you read anything on his get 'rich quick' blog it's too crazy to believe. Hopefully he will publish my retort in response to his blog post 'A Great Day for Capitalist Pigs'.


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